Hygienic products


The trademark «DEŇIZ» presents you a novelty in the market of hygienic products - a line of wet and dry wipes, as well as toilet paper and kitchen towels. Wet wipesDeňiz are a guarantee of high quality with using of natural and high-quality raw materials from Turkey.

The benefits of cooperation with our company regarding wet wipes:

- High-quality goods at the most affordable price in the box

- Providing choices to customers in the category of hygiene products for children and adults, considering the specific preferences (for example, wipes for newborns and antibacterial wipes).
Densityof the material: 45gr/m2. 70% polyether – 30% viscose. The original texture on each wipe is a delicate contour. During productionthenatural and environmentally-friendly materials are used. Positions in the assortment take into account all-round wishes: for children paraben-free, with aloe vera and antibacterial, with the savour of a rose, etc.Packing – 15,72,100and 120 pieces.

The main strategy of the Deňiz brand -the savingwithout loss of quality!