About us

NUR ASIA Company was founded in 2007, and in a short time was able to gain the trust of its customers and partners. Due to the supply and production of high-quality goods, our company occupies a leading position in Turkmenistan’smarket. Careful selection of high-quality goods and raw materials from leading manufacturers, NUR ASIA is a leader in improving the comfort of life and hygiene of the people of Turkmenistan.

NURASIA specializes in following:

1. Sale of heating systems from leading manufacturers

2. Production of electric hot-water boilers "Daluw".

3. Production of dry and wet wipes «Deňiz».

4. International trading.

NUR ASIA is a constantly evolving company that looks to the future, while preserving traditions in relation to its history and its territory. Goals for the next years – still stronger focus on customer needs to provide answers to any question.Improvement of provided services and continuous investment in production processes andhuman resources for product improvement.NUR ASIA is a modern and high-tech company in constant motion that does not stop at the achieved results and is always striving to achieve new goals. This is a company that is constantly growing and will continue to grow. These are people who work in the company and move it forward.

Our mission

«To be a leader in Turkmenistan in the production and sale of modern heating goods and the supply the homes with hot water and the hygienic products for the people of Turkmenistan.»

We produce and deliver a quality.

Our services

Modern heating systems from leading manufacturers


The first hot-water boiler produced in Turkmenistan


Hygienic products


Favourableand reasonable solution

International trading