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International trading

NURASIA company offers the transport and forwarding services from Europe, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and China to Turkmenistan.We will provide you with the best and profitable logistics solution that will save you time and money. We have a comprehensive approach to solving logistics problems and are ready to take on all the work related to the preparation and shipment of goods, their delivery to the final recipient.

The range of services of our transport company includes:

- Development of the optimal route. At the same time, our specialists take into account the peculiarities of the transport communication between the points of departure and destination, requirements for the timing of transportation, allocated cost, characteristics of the cargo itself (in including, weight, dimensions, need for a specific temperature regime);

- Additional services. Depending on the wishes of the customer and factual needs, this may be a service for preparing documents (permits, licenses) or for the cargo (packaging, labeling, etc.), insurance, temporary storage, etc.

- Transportation of goods by various transport. Depending on distance and desires for the terms and costs for this, we can use rail, sea, road transport.

In addition to logistics services, we also offer the services for searching of new products, studying markets, concluding contracts with suppliers. Cooperating with us you get high-quality service and complete confidentiality.

Satisfied customers is our main goal!